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Small Outisder (Diable, Loyal, Mauvais)

CR  3

800 XP

Initiative +12 ; Senses Darkvision 60ft, Trapfinding ; Perception (Passive) 19

HP 62 (4 DV) ; Bloodied ; 31 ; Healing Surges 7 (15 hp) ; Fast Heal ---

AC 20 ; Touch 15 ; Flat-Footed 16 (+4 Dextérité, +5 Naturelle, +1 Taille) ; CMD 16

Fortitude +6 , Reflex +8 , Will +6 ; DR 5 / Good & Silver ; SR --

Immunity Fire, Poison

Resistance Acide 10, Froid 10, Evasion


Basic Melee Bite +8 ((1d8+2, +1d6 Acide, + Maladie) ; Sneak Attack +1d6

Basic Full Melee Bite +8 ((1d8+2, +1d6 Acide, + Maladie) ; Sneak Attack +1d6

Basic Ranged Aucune

Basic Full Ranged Aucune

Base Atk +3 ; CMB +2

Speed 20ft (4 cases) ; Vol 60ft (Perfect)


Incarnum (Essentia 5 ; Capacity 1)

Improved Initiative [1/1] – +2 Initiative / Essentia

Improved Natural Armor [1/1] – +1 Natural Armor / Essentia

Weapon Finesse [1/1] – +1 Competence Bonus to Attack with Light Weapon / Essentia

Improved Natural Attack [1/1] – +2 Damage with Bite Attack / Essentia

Improved Summon Devil [1/1] – +10% to Summoning / Essentia

Magie Innée (CL 4th ; Charges x)

À Volonté – Greater Teleport (Self), Invisibility (Self)

3/Jour – Grease, Summon Swarm, Whispering Wind

Prouesses Martiales (IL 3th ; Knowns 2 ; Readied 1 ; Stances 1 ; Recover 1 Full rd)

Stance – Child of Shadows

Maneuvres – Drain Vitality*, Cloak of Deception


Alignment Loyal Mauvais

Languages Telepathy 100ft (Infernal)


Str 10 ; Dex 19 ; Con 14 ; Int 9 ; Wis 14 ; Cha 12

Feats Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse

Background Feats Improved Natural Armor, Improved Natural Attack, Improved Summon Devil

Skills Fly +23, Bluff +8, Knowledge (Planes) +6, Perception +9, Stealth +15


Summon Devil (Su)Un Zebub peut en une action Standard et dépensant 2 Charges, Convoquer 1 Zebub ou 2d4 Lemure avec 65% de chance de succèss. Ce pouvoir est équivalent à un sort niveau 4 et dure jusqu'à la fin de la rencontre avec un maximum d'une heure. Les Zebub réalloue toujours leur essentia avant d'utiliser ce pouvoir.

Disease (Ex) – Devil Chills (DC 14) ; Incubaton (1d4 Jours) ; Fréquence (1/Jour) ; Effet (-1d4 Str) ; Guérison (3 JdS Consécutif Réussi)

Infernal Eye (Su) A zebub records all that it sees and may pass its visions on to another creature. By remaining in contact with a willing creature, it can replay up to 24 hours of witnessed events, or shorter incidents if it so chooses. It takes a zebub 1 round to replay 1 hour of recorded images, which the target receives in a flash of information, without sound or other sensory information. After relaying its findings, the zebub cannot replay its visions of those events again. A zebub cannot replay its visions for an unwilling creature or as an attack, no matter how horrific the events it might have witnessed.

Offensive Defense (Ex) After you hit with a Sneak Attack you gain +1 Dodge Bonus to AC per Sneak Attack Dice you roll for one round.


Le Zebub est un Observateur qui préfère rester dans l'Ombre. Si toutefois il doit combattre normalement il débutera invisible et tentera d'attaquer en usant son attaque sournoise. Il est du genre Hit & Run.


This childlike blasphemy conjoins the features of a plump human infant and a gigantic, gore-fattened fly.

Environment: Tous (Enfer)

Organisation: Solitaire, Paire ou Swarm (3-28)

Trésors: Normal

Childlike souls tormented and scoured of innocence by the flames of Hell and then reshaped by the mad whims of the archdevil Baalzebul, accuser devils embody the foul, merciless, and pervasive corruptions of the infernal host. From the depths of the Pit they rise in buzzing, shrieking plagues unleashed to taint the land, despoil weak flesh, and reveal exploitable secrets. En masse they display little of the cunning or subtlety typical of devilkind, spreading ruin at the will of their fiendish masters. Alone, though, a zebub is a craven, deceitful thing, lurking in darkness and filth, endlessly spying and vying for the petty favors of greater evils.

Accuser devils are almost exclusively formed amid the cesspits of frozen Cocytus, the seventh layer of Hell. Within the Pit they serve countless infernal lords as messengers and spies, with droves being unleashed upon myriad mortal worlds with a mandate to seek out souls ripe for corruption or those whose sins might lead to greater damnations. Many zebubs overstep the freedoms of such vague missions, seeking to manipulate weakwilled or easily intimidated mortals into all manner of trivial evils, dispensing shrill orders in their buzzing, childlike voices. Despite the fact that many zebub plots end in the zebubs’ own revelation and destruction, few diabolical lords allow the slaying of their spies to go unpunished.

The zebub’s ability to grant other creatures visions of what it has witnessed makes it an unusually useful creature to many conjurers. Relatively easy to conjure with a spell like lesser planar ally or lesser planar binding, an accuser devil can be an invaluable spy. One simply orders the foul little devil to become invisible and then inf iltrate an area where visual information is hidden, with orders to teleport back to its point of origin to grant visions of what it observed to its master. Those who make use of accuser devils in this manner should take care to watch their own actions or what they reveal, of course, for such a creature can just as easily be bribed or intimidated into revealing visions that some conjurers might not want being made public. It’s common practice among conjurers to kill their accuser devils once they’ve completed their missions of inf iltration and observation.

These lesser devils stand just over 2 feet tall and rarely weigh more than 25 pounds.


Zebub (5 DV)

Zebub (6 DV)

Zebub (7 DV)

Zebub (8 DV)


Virtual Level : Rogue (Spy) 2

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