Wiki Shylmirid


Niveau Brd 0, Clr 0, Drd 0
École Transmutation
Temps d'Incantation 1 Standard Action
Composantes V, S
Portée 10ft
Zone d'Effet 1 Cube Feet / level of Food or Water
Durée Instantanée
Jet de Sauvegarde Will Negate (Object)
Résistance à la Magie Oui
Effet du Sort This spell makes spoiled, rotten, diseased, poisonous, or otherwise contaminated food and water pure and suitable for eating and drinking. This spell does not prevent subsequent natural decay or spoilage. Holy and Unholy water or similar food and drink of significance is spoiled by purify food and drink, but the spell has no effect on creatures of any type nor upon magic potions. Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. One cubic foot of water contains roughly 8 gallons and weighs about 60 pounds. Food and Drink purified this wa become tasteless.

Alter Taste

[ +1 SP ] You can alter the Taste of the Food (make a Profession (Cook) check) you dont need to spend time for this version of the spell. However you cannot mimic Exotic food and make food or drink better than Average food or drink nor can you add alcohol.

Commentaires Permet d'avoir toujours des rations fraiches à portée de la main. Permet également de purifier sa nourriture afin de ne pas être empoisonné ou de risquer d'attraper une quelconque maladie. Certains chefs s'en servent pour préparer rapidement des plats simples.