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Multiclassing Rules[]

When a character have more than one class, he still continue to improved a little in other class he may have studied. This is not as effective as continuing on this Path, but he gain 1/2 is other class levels in bonus to this class. Each clases provide a bonus diffrent, see below :

  • Barbarian: Initiator level, Uncanny Dodge level, Some Rage Powers dependent on Barbarian level, DC
  • Bard: Spellcaster level, Bardic Knowledge, Some Bardic Music Powers dependent on Bard level, DC
  • Cleric: Spellcaster level, Some Domaines Powers dependent on Cleric level, DC
  • Druid: Spellcaster level, Nature Bond, Wild Empathy, Wildshape duration, DC
  • Fighter: Initiator level, DC
  • Monk: Initiator level, Unarmed Damage, , Number of Stunning Fist per Day, Points in Ki Pool, Wholeness of Body, Abundant Step, Diamond Soul, Quivering Palm, DC
  • Paladin: Spellcaster level OR Initiator Level, Smite Evil Damage, Lay on Hands, Some Merci dependent on Paladin Level, Channel Positive Energy, Divine Bond, DC
  • Psion: Manifester level, Some Psionic Disciplines dependent on Psion level, DC
  • Psychic Warrior: Manifester level, Some Path Powers dependent on Psychic Warrior level, DC
  • Ranger: Spellcaster level OR Initiator level, Track, Wild Empathy, Hunter Bond, DC
  • Rogue, Initiator Level, Trapfinding, Rogue level for Sneak Attack (but dont increase damage), Some Rogue Talents dependent on level, DC
  • Summoner: Spellcaster level, Eidolon, Summon Monster Duration, Bond Senses, Merge Forms duration, Twin Eidolon duration, DC
  • Wizard: Spellcaster level, Arcane Bond, Some School Powers dependent on Wizard level, DC
  • Vitalist: Manifester level, Collective, Steal Health Damage, Request Aid, Some Vitalist Method powers dependent on Vitalist level, DC