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Hamatula ( Barded Devil )

Medium Outsider (Diable, Extraplanaire, Loyal, Mauvais)

CR  11

12 800 XP

Initiative +13 ; Senses Infravision 60ft, Vision dans les Ténèbres ; Perception (Passive) xx

Aura xxx

HP 215 (12 DV) ; Bloodied ; 107 ; Healing Surges 11 (53 hp)

AC xx ; Touch xx ; Flat-Footed xx (+7 Dextérité, +12 Naturelle) ; CMD 34 (36 vs Grapple)

Fortitude +14 , Reflex +14 , Will +12 ; DR 10 / Bon ou Argent ; SR 33

Immunity Feu, Poison

Resistance Acide 10, Froid 10


Basic Melee Bite +19 (2d6+7) ou Claws +19 (2d10+7, Fear, Grab, Eldritch)

Basic Full Melee Bite +19 (2d6+7) et 2 Claws +19 (2d10+7, Fear, Grab, Eldritch)

Basic Ranged Toucher +19

Basic Full Ranged Toucher +19/+14/+9

Base Atk +12 ; CMB +18 (+20 with Grapple)

Speed 30ft (6 cases)


Incarnum (Essentia 13 ; Locked 0 ; Invested 0 ; Free 13 ; Capacity 3)

Improved Natural Armor [0/3] – Gain +1 Natural Armor / Essentia

Improved Summon Devil [0/3] – You Increase your Chance to Summon by +10% / Essentia

Improved Claws [0/3] – Increase Claws Damage by +2 / Essentia

Eldritch Claws [0/3] – +1 Enhancement to Claws / Essentia

??? [0/3] – xxx

??? [0/3] – xxx

??? [0/3] – xxx

??? [0/3] – xxx

??? [0/3] – xxx

??? [0/3] – xxx

??? [0/3] – xxx

??? [0/3] – xxx

Improved Grapple [0/3] – xxx

Magie Innée (CL 12th ; Charges 12)

At WillAnimate Dead, Charm-Person, Desecrate, Doom, Greater Teleport (Self and 50 lbs), Hold Person, Major Image, Produce Flame, Pyrotechnics, Scorching Ray, Suggestion

1/Jour Order's Wrath, Unholy Blight


Alignment Loyal Mauvais

Languages Télépathie 100ft ( Infernal, Celestial)


Str 24 ; Dex 24 ; Con 23 ; Int 12 ; Wis 16 ; Cha 18

Feats Improved Grapple, 333, 555, 777, 999, 011

Background Feats Improved Natural Armor, Eldritch Claws, Improved Natural Attack (Claws), Improved Summon Devil, 888, 010, 012

Skills Acrobatics +x, Arcana +x, Athletics +x, Bluff +x, Diplomacy +x, Dungeoneering +x, Endurance +x, Heal +x, History +x, Insight +x, Intimidate +x, Nature +x, Perception +x, Religion +x, Stealth +x, Streetwise +x, Thievery +x,


Summon Devil (Su)Un Hamatula peut en une action Standard et dépensant 2 Charges, Convoquer 4d4 Abishai ou 1d3 Hamatula avec 80% de chance de succèss. Ce pouvoir est équivalent à un sort niveau 5 et dure jusqu'à la fin de la rencontre avec un maximum d'une heure. Les Hamatula réalloue toujours leur essentia avant d'utiliser ce pouvoir.

Grab (Ex)A barbed devil can use its grab attack against a foe of up to Medium size and does not provoke Attack of Opportunity

Barbed Defense (Su) A creature that strikes a hamatula with a melee weapon, an unarmed strike, or a natural weapon takes 1d8+6 points of piercing damage from the devil's barbs. Melee weapons with reach do not endanger a user in this way.

Fear (Su) A barbed devil's fear attack affects any creature it damages with its claws. A DC 20 Will save resists this effect, otherwise the victim becomes frightened for 1d4 rounds. This is a mind-affecting fear effect. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Impale (Ex) A barbed devil deals 3d8+9 points of piercing damage to a grabbed opponent with a successful grapple check.


Also includes information on how many creatures are usually encountered together, if the monster isn’t solitary.


From the tip of its lashing tail to the serrated features of its fang-filled visage, this fiery-eyed sentinel bristles with barbs.

Sentinels of the vaults of Hell, jailers of the darkest souls, and living weapons of the infernal forges, barbed devils—known as hamatulas to diabolists—enforce the strictures of the damned and safeguard the nefarious works of greater devils. A hamatula enjoys the feel of warm blood on its spines, and prefers to leap into melee when presented with an opportunity for battle.

Hamatulas are collectors and organizers, and are favorite allies of greedy summoners as they often bring with them tempting treasures from Hell's vaults or know the paths to deadly riches. Left to their own devices, the lairs of these devils often bear the pierced trophies of their past victims, hung like perverse bug collections on bloodied walls. Most barbed devils stand upward of 7 feet tall and weigh 300 pounds, though their leanly muscled bodies appear much larger due to the constantly growing and adjusting spines that protrude from their razor-sharp bodies.

Hamatula zealously patrol the third and fourth layers of Baator for intruders, knowing that promotion and increased status hinge on success. Relatively solitary, the hamatula travel in groups only when commanded to do so by a superior. They may be deployed in a small group to investigate a report of intrusion. Loyal service to their lord is the fastest way to rise in status.

Unlike other baatezu, hamatula cannot pass from layer to layer on Baator or to other Lower Planes. Sages speculate that this ensures that the creatures do not wander from their duties. Hamatula are doubly unique among the baatezu because only they produce a useful byproduct. A gland behind their ears produces a powerful hallucinogen that is “harvested” by greater baatezu and used to torment and interrogate prisoners. A few brave (or wealthy) sages have obtained samples of this secretion, though not enough to perform any meaningful experiments. They believe that greater quantities of this secretion could produce an extremely potent potion of illusion.

Environment: Enfer (Tous)

Organisation: Solitaire, Paire, Team (3-5), Suqad (6-11)

Trésors: Standard

Repaire: ...




- Niveau Virtuel : xxx 6