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Dogai (Assassin Devil)

Medium Outsider (Diable, Loyal, Mauvais)

CR  11

??? XP

Initiative +17 ; Senses Blindsight 60ft, Trapfinding ; Perception (Passive) xx ; Fouille xx

Aura xxx

HP 214 (14 DV) ; Bloodied ; 107 ; Healing Surges 9 (53 hp) ; Fast Heal ---

AC xx ; Touch xx ; Flat-Footed xx (+10 Dextérité, +10 Naturelle) ; CMD xx

Fortitude +13 , Reflex +19 , Will +15 ; DR 10 / Good ; SR 27 (Arcane 31)

Immunity Feu, Poison

Resistance Acide 10, Froid 10, Evasion, +4 JdS & AC vs Arcane Spells

Faiblesse xx


Basic Melee xx

Basic Full Melee xx

Basic Ranged xx

Basic Full Ranged xx

Base Atk +xx ; CMB +xx

Speed 30ft (6 cases)


Incarnum (Essentia 16 ; Locked 3 ; Invested 0 ; Free 13 ; Capacity 3)

Multiclass: Spellthieft [3/3] [LOCKED] – +1 Virtual Spellthieft Level / Essentia

Improved Natural Armor [0/3] – +1 Bonus to Natural Armor / Essentia

Arcane Strike [0/3] – +1 Attack when using Arcane Strike / Essentia

Virulent Poison [0/3] – +1 DC of Poisons / Essentia

Improved Spell Resistance [0/3] – +1 Spell Resistance / Essentia

Improved Claws [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

Eldritch Claws [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

Affinite Magique [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

XXX [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

XXX [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

XXX [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

XXX [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

XXX [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

XXX [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

XXX [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

XXX [0/3] – +1 xxx / Essentia

Magie Innée (CL 14th ; Charges x)

À Volonté – Arcane Sight, Detect Magic, Dimension Door, Greater Teleport (Self), Fog Cloud, Nondetection, Tongues

Magie Arcanique (CL 12th ; DC 14)

Niveau 4 (2/Jour) – xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx

Niveau 3 (4/Jour) – xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx

Niveau 2 (6/Jour) – xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx

Niveau 1 (7/Jour) – xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx

Prouesses Martiales (IL 12th ; Knowns x ; Readied x ; Stances x ; Recover 1 Full rd)

Stance – xxx

Maneuvres – xxx


Alignment Loyal Mauvais

Languages Telepathy 100ft (Infernal, Celestial, Common, Draconic)


Str 19 ; Dex 31 ; Con 18 ; Int 17 ; Wis 23 ; Cha 18

Feats 111, Multiclass (Spellthieft), 555, 777, 999, 011, 013

Background Feats Improved Natural Armor, Improved Natural Attack (Claws), Affinite Magique, Eldritch Claws, Virulent Poison, 010, 012, 014

Bonus Feats Arcane Strike

Skills Acrobatics +x, Arcana +x, Athletics +x, Bluff +x, Diplomacy +x, Dungeoneering +x, Endurance +x, Heal +x, History +x, Insight +x, Intimidate +x, Nature +x, Perception +x, Religion +x, Stealth +x, Streetwise +x, Thievery +x,


Spellstrike (Su) – The Dogai can make a Sneak Attack of +5d6 Damage. However unlike a normal Sneak Attack he can sacrifice Extra Damage to Steal a Spell of his choice. The Sneak Attack Damage is Reduced by +1d6 per Spell level of the spell he want to steal. The person lose that spell and Cannot cast it for 1h if its a Spontaneous caster. The Dogai can have a maximum of 5 spells per Spell Level steal in this way at any time. He can't steal more thant one spell per Spellstrike.This also work on Innate Magic.

Arcane Strike (Su) – As a Swift action, you can sacrifice a Spell Slot to deal an Extra +1d6 Damage per Spell level.

Bypass Wards (Su): Your disruptive powers allow you to overcome most forms of magical defense in existence. You are incapable of setting off magical traps and add half of your class level to your AC and saving throws against magical traps (this stacks with your spellgrace class feature). Furthermore, when attacking or making other aggressive actions, you ignore all miss chances and bonuses to AC and/or saving throws that targets have gained through magical (but not supernatural) means.

Steal Energy Resistance (Su): Starting at 8th level, your disruptive energies can steal some of the defenses of a creature they come into contact with. When hitting an opponent and dealing mystic siphon damage, you may choose to forego any number of dice of damage and instead gain a separate benefit. You learn all forms of energy resistance and immunity that the target possesses and select any number of such immunities or resistances. The target’s resistance to each selected form of energy is reduced by 5 for every dice of damage sacrificed in this way, to a minimum of 0 (immunities are not reduced).For each resistance and immunity targeted in this way, you gain energy resistance equal to the amount of resistance lost by your target (in the case of immunities, you gain energy resistance 5 per dice of damage sacrificed). Each resistance gained in this way is stored as a stolen spell (counting towards your normal maximum) for 1 hour, until it is replaced, or until the effect granting the target their energy resistance/immunity ends (whichever comes first). At this time, the original target regains their energy resistance they have lost (unless you have lost the energy resistance because an effect ended).Multiple sources of energy resistance against the same form of energy do not stack.


Also includes information on how many creatures are usually encountered together, if the monster isn’t solitary.


Where it lives, what it does, etc.

Environment: xxx

Organisation: xxx

Trésors: xxx

Repaire: xxx


Dogai (15 DV)

Dogai (16 DV)

Dogai (17 DV)

Dogai (18 DV)

Dogai (19 DV)

Dogai (20 DV)

Dogai (21 DV)

Dogai (22 DV)

Dogai (23 DV)

Dogai (24 DV)

Dogai (25 DV)

Dogai (26 DV)

Dogai (27 DV)

Dogai (28 DV)


Virtual Level : Spellthieft (xxx) 7 (10 with Essentia)