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Arcane Duelist[]

A master of the martial applications of steel and spell, the arcane duelist blends both into a lethal combination.

Armor Profiency : The Bard may not choose Unarmored or Light style but gain Medium Armor instead. He have no chance of Spell failure when casting Bard Spell in medium armor.

Arcane Strike : The Arcane Duelist gain the Arcane Strike feat. This ability replaces Bardic Knowledge.

Martial Knowledge : The Arcane Duelist adds his level to Martial Lore and Performance checks. . This ability replaces Musician Ear.

Focus Training : The Arcane Duelist must choose the Art of Combat training.

Bardic Performance: An arcane duelist have acces to performance usally not known but standard bards. Whenever the bard gain a new Performance he may decide to choose one from this list instead :

Rank 1

Inspiring Blow (Su): A bard roars his war-cries with each telling blow. When he confirms a critical hit, he can start this performance as an immediate action (ending any other performances). He gains temporary hit points equal to his Charisma modifier (if positive), and all allies within 30 feet gain your Bardic Bonus as a morale bonus on their next attack roll prior to the start of his next turn. These temporary hit points remain until the bard ends his performance.
Inspire Strength (Su): While the bard performs, he and allies within 30 feet get is Bardic Bonus to Strength checks and Strength-based skill checks, and their effective Strength score is increases for the purposes of carrying capacity.

Rank 5

Bladethirst (Su): A bard may use performance to grant one weapon, one natural weapon, one end of a double weapon, or 50 items of ammunition of the same type within 30 feet your Bardic Bonus as a enhancement bonus.These bonuses stack with existing bonuses and may be used to increase the item's enhancement bonus up to +5 or to add any of the following weapon properties: defending, distance, ghost touch, keen, mighty cleaving, returning, shock, shocking burst, seeking, speed, or wounding. If the weapon is not magical, at least a +1 enhancement bonus must be added before adding special abilities.

Rank 15

Mass Bladethirst (Su): A bard can use his bladethirst performance to enhance the weapons of as many allies as desired within 30 feet.

Arcane Bond (Ex): At 2nd level, an arcane duelist gains the Arcane bond - Singing Sword ability as a wizard of the same level. This ability replaces The Versatile Performance from level 2-6-10-14 and 18.