Wiki Shylmirid


Niveau Brd 0, Clr 0, Wiz 0
École Transmutation
Temps d'Incantation 1 Standard Action
Composantes V, S
Portée Close (25ft + 5ft / 2 level)
Zone d'Effet 1 Objet avec des écritures
Durée 1 heure / niveau
Jet de Sauvegarde Will Negate (Object)
Résistance à la Magie Oui (Object)
Effet du Sort You point at the writing and then move your hand as though holding a stylus or quill. As you intone the spell, the script appears on a sheet of paper close at hand.

You cause writing from one source (such as a book) to be copied into a book, paper, or parchment. This spell copies 250 words per minute and creates a perfect duplicate of the original. The spell copies only nonmagical text, not illustrations or magical writings (such as the text of a spellbook, a spell scroll, or a sepia snake sigil). If the target contains normal and magical writing (such as a letter with explosive runes), only the normal text is copied, leaving blank space in the copied text where the magical writing would be expected. Likewise, if the target contains text and illustration, only the text is copied.

The spell triggers (but does not copy) writing-based magic traps in the material being copied.

Blank paper, parchment, or a book must be provided for the spell to write upon. If the target has multiple pages, the spell automatically turns to the next blank page whenever necessary. If more pages in the target exist than blank pages are available, the spell copies the original until it runs out of
blank pages. At any time during the spell's duration you can redirect the magic to copy from another target, copy onto a different blank source, or resume a duplication that was interrupted by a shortfall of blank pages.

The spell does not translate the copied writing. If you do not understand the original, you have no additional ability to understand the copy. When used in conjunction with Linguistics to Create Forgery this spell provide a +10 Enhancement bonus on your check. The Bonus to your Linguistic Check increase to +20 at caster level 5 and to +30 at caster level 9th.



[ +1 SP ] This spell will also copy pictures and magical writing, but only the symbols will be copied and not their effects. The caster can then choose later to add real protection to the book with half the normal time required to cast the spell. This will also copy spells from a spellbook but it require the normal magical ink to do so.

Commentaires Il est possible de recopier une bibliothèque ou des documents importants en lançant ce sort à plusieurs reprises ou en utilisant la métamagie.